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Stolen or Recovered Vehicles From the Victor Valley

This section will be used as a place to  list vehicles that have been reported stolen/recovered through out the Victor Valley. Also pictures of cut up or dumped vehicles.

Date Reported Stolen: Monday June 9, 2014

Location: Winco Parking lot in Apple Valley

Identifying Information: Has a body kit with shaved doors, white racing interior, no license plate in front, chrome rims, white Honda decal on front windshield.

Year: 1995

Make/Model: 4-door Honda Civic

Color: Blue (custom paint job)

Plate #: CA 6TRT529

Contact: Victorville Police at (760)241-2911 or (760)881-1250

Honda Accord Plate #: CA 3BPF130

Date Reported Stolen: Thursday June 5, 2014

Location: Apple Valley on Bear Valley Road near Kiowa. In the parking lot of Gators #3

Identifying Information: “On the gasoline door where u put the gas there’s a Honda symbol I put on it and on the driver side by the front there’s a yellow ribbon sticker the rims are the black stock rims no rim caps”.

Year: 1992

Make/Model: 4-door Honda Accord

Color: Green

Plate #: CA 3BPF130

Contact: (760)713-2763

***UPDATE***: Vehicle was located and recovered in Lucerne Valley  on 5/10/14. Unfortunately the vehicle was burned and a total loss to the owner.

Tips to help ensure the used vehicle you want to buy isn’t stolen:
Many people ask how they can find out if the used vehicle they want to buy isn’t reported stolen. The National Insurance Crime Bureau provides this service free of charge. Their website has a link to input the vehicle identification number (VIN) and it will let you know if this vehicle is safe to purchase. This website provides lots of valuable information about how to protect yourself and your investment.

If you are the victim of a stolen vehicle please email with as much detailed information including a photograph of the vehicle. We will gladly add it to this section of our website.

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