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Sriracha Plant: City of Hesperia Clarifies Position on Relocation



sriracha hot sauce

HESPERIA:  The City of Hesperia issued the following statement:  In an April 23, 2014, Daily Press article, it was stated that the City of Hesperia had informed Sriracha of its interest in having their factory relocated from Irwindale to Hesperia. To clarify, the City has not made any attempt to contact Sriracha. As always, Hesperia is interested in expanding the industrial and commercial job base in the community, however, the City has not made contact with Sriracha.

“Officials in a Southern California city held off on a decision about whether to force the closure of the Sriracha hot sauce plant that is being blamed for bad odors and heat that burns eyes.

Irwindale officials want to work with the company to fix the odor and are not ready to force them to do it yet.

Click here to read the complete article on NBC news.

source: City of Hesperia news release