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Special Council Meeting Set For Next Step in Ranchos Water Acquisition Process

Apple Valley, CA – November 5, 2015: The Town Council of Apple Valley will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, November 17, to consider adopting Resolutions of Necessity for the taking of the Apple Valley Water System and initiating eminent domain action.

The public is invited to attend the hearing, which begins at 5:30 p.m. in Town Council chambers, 14995 Dale Evans Parkway.

The Town is considering acquisition of the water system, owned and managed by Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co., after years of exorbitant rate increases and surcharges.

Since 2002, the average water bill for AVR customers has jumped by 68 percent, and under a proposed decision from the California Public Utilities Commission, the typical household served by AVR will see its water bill go up another 28.7 percent – or more than $200 per year – based on normal water usage.

According to a report from the California State Auditor, Apple Valley residents in 2014 paid nearly 54 percent more for water than did residents in Victorville, and 67 percent more than residents in Hesperia. Both of those water systems are publicly owned, as are the vast majority in California and around the country.

Visit or call (760) 240-7000 for more information.

(Town of Apple Valley Press Release)

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