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SMASH Team Conducts Inspections on Smoke Shops in Victorville



VICTORVILLE:( Recently, the Victorville Police Department has been receiving complaints from citizens that smoke shops in the City are selling synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice.

In January 2015 the City of Victorville passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of any synthetic drugs, to include those known as “Bath Salts” and “Spice”.

Deputies from the Victorville SMASH unit began an ongoing investigation into the complaints.

On June 16, 2015 deputies from the Victorville SMASH unit and officers from Victorville Code Enforcement conducted business inspections on smoke shops in the City of Victorville for compliance with the business licenses issued to the smoke shops.

Over 140 packages of suspected synthetic marijuana were seized from a smoke shop located on the 12300 Block of Mariposa Road in Victorville. The owners of the business were cited for the municipal codes and the cases will be forwarded to the City Attorney for prosecution.



Deputies from the Victorville Police Department, in cooperation with Officers from the Victorville Code Enforcement Department will continue to conduct business inspections to eliminate the sales of these synthetic drugs within the City of Victorville.

During the inspection of a smoke shop located in the 14700 block of 7th Street, deputies discovered that an employee was in possession of marijuana and selling marijuana from the shop. Mohamed Hassouna, age 22, was arrested for HS11359, possession of marijuana for sale.

(source: SBSD release)

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