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Six New Bachelor’s Degrees Programs Approved For California Community Colleges

CALIFORNIA ( — Great news for anyone dreaming of a college degree! California is opening up amazing opportunities with six exciting new four-year degree programs at community colleges. This expansion means students now have a choice of 39 awesome bachelor’s degrees, making higher education more hopeful and accessible than ever!

The six new degrees are about taking care of people’s health or helping with legal matters. Students can learn about breathing care at Antelope Valley College, how to be a top-notch first responder at College of the Siskiyous, and how to keep smiles bright with dental hygiene programs at Cypress College and Oxnard College.

Those interested in the law can dive into paralegal studies at Santa Ana College, and Victor Valley College is also offering a program in respiratory care.

“We are excited to announce the approval of six new programs in high-demand career fields,” said Aisha Lowe, executive vice chancellor for Equitable Student Learning, Experience and Impact Office. “Through the Baccalaureate Degree Program we are broadening the reach of higher education and skill development to a greater number of students by offering affordable and quality opportunities close to home.”

Making Dreams Come True

California’s community colleges have a big plan – they call it Vision 2030. This plan isn’t just about adding more degrees. It’s really about making it fair for everyone to get an education, no matter who they are or where they come from. By 2030, they want every student who wants to, to get the support and access needed to finish their education.

Closing the Gap

A study by the UCLA Civil Rights Project suggests that bachelor’s degrees at community colleges can help close the gap in education for students of different backgrounds. Basically, community colleges are becoming a powerful tool for making sure everyone has the same chance to get ahead in their education. You can read more about their findings here.

Better Jobs, Better Pay

Getting a bachelor’s degree from a community college can really boost how much money you can make. A UC Davis report says that community college grads make twice as much as before they had the degree. Over half of these grads also say they wouldn’t have gone for a bachelor’s if it wasn’t offered at the community college level.

A Growing Trend

The whole idea started back in 2014 and got the green light to stick around in 2021. What’s really cool is that these degrees from community colleges are unique – they’re not the same as the ones you’d get from other big universities in California.

This means that more and more people can study close to home, save money, and still get a top-notch education. The Baccalaureate Degree Program is a big step toward helping Californians learn and earn more.

Looking to the future, this expansion of four-year degrees at community colleges is shaping up to be a game-changer. It’s all about opening doors and making sure that every person has a fair chance to succeed. So, if you’re dreaming of a bachelor’s degree, your local community college might just be the place to make that dream come true.

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