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Should Americans learn Spanish or should illegal immigrants learn English?

th-1David Benson
Yesterday I was in a debate about whether Americans should learn Spanish or should illegal immigrants should learn English.Why would someone entering the country not want to speak the language. Also why would Americans feel like its an unreasonable expectation. I realized its the democratic liberal agenda, nothing they did on purpose. Its a result of short sightedness, the slow methodical way they given up America values our identity to entice people to immigrate to this country. I think if you take a moment and reflect on whats going on around here today its very visible.
Take the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, his family came here and asked for political asylum. Granted! 6mos later the father goes back to Dagistan. After the bombings people that knew Dzhokhar said, “he was always saying anti-american rants” then went on to say “all the kids do”. He also said when he saw the first pictures of the bombers “he knew it was Dzokhar but didnt want to say anything”. Think about that, why was he afraid to speak up? Could it be because in todays world if you say anything even remotely bad about another culture, your labeled a racist? Isnt that part of the liberal agenda to take god, christian holidays and the pledge of allegiance out of school? Yet allowing other religions practice at school, under the guise of its discrimination if we dont. Adjusting the curriculum to teach the bad doings of American and bringing in the others cultures, teaching the good points. Teaching everyone but Americans are good. We have turned school into indoctrination centers, growing terrorist here in America.
Media another effective tool for pushing a liberal agenda. All the news agencies are owned by 4 companies. All major contributors to presidential elections. After the Boston bombs went off, Chris Matthews of msnbc was on the air and said he thought “it was a right wing extremist”, “angry about taxes, gun control”. Other news media chimed in echoing Matthews. Same thing when the Social Security office in Arizona was bombed, “RIGHT WING EXTREMIST”. Turned out its was an Islamist extremist. Even after the Boston Bombers are caught and known Muslims, media said “well we cant call them Islamic extremist”, “it would be disrespectful to the Muslims in our country”. I was in shock just the other day it was ok to disrespect the “right wingers”. Are you getting it yet! Our own government has created an environment where its ok to hate Americans. CNN has decided that its disrespectful to refer to people in this country illegally as illegal immigrants. Has the country lost its mind.
Dzhokhar has ADMITTED that the bombings were done because of religious veiws, hatred for America and hate for Christianity. Sounds like a racist to me. Yet media makes excuses for them saying the brother may have PTSD because he was in kindergarten during the bombing of the Chechnya. Dzhokhar just followed his brother. Liberals, democrats even our President are in denial. They have created a utopia for immigrants given the best country in the world to them. They can not believe why they would hate us. These idiots refuse to admit they are wrong and make changes to fix it. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

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