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Shooting Inside LAX Terminal

BREAKING: A gun battle has erupted in terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), involving law gunenforcement and a sole gunman reportedly dressed in camouflage and carrying an assault rifle.

According to reports three victims have been transported from LAX to a near by area hospital and are being treated for injuries. Two are listed in stable condition and the third in critical.

At this time it’s unknown if the gunman was killed and unconfirmed reports state at least one TSA agent may have been shot and killed.

Per eye-witnesses at least a dozen shots were fired inside of terminal 3 at around 9:30am. Passengers describe the scene as total “chaos” and the gunshots sounded so loud and so close.

Just about all flights coming into terminal 3 have been affected. Many airlines have cancelled all flights scheduled for today. Anyone who has a flight at LAX in the near future is encouraged to stay away. Nobody is being allowed onto the airport at this time as it remains on lockdown. The Mayor of Los Angeles is expected to give a press conference very soon.



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