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Sheriff’s Deputies Seriously Injured by Inmates

Image: Google Earth
Image: Google Earth

BLYTHE: On December 29, 2013, at about 2:20 a.m., deputies assigned to the Blythe Jail were conducting security checks of inmate cells within the facility.

During this check, two deputies were assaulted by inmates housed at the facility. Two other deputies responded to aid the victims who were engaged in a physical fight with the attacking inmates. These two deputies were also assaulted. In total, four Sheriff’s deputies were seriously injured and required medical treatment at a local hospital.

Security measures were in place and no inmates were able to escape. Officers from the Blythe Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and the Sheriff’s Colorado River Station (deputies and investigators) responded and assisted jail personnel.

The following four inmates were identified and are facing criminal charges in the attack against the deputies ranging from attempted murder, attempted escape, conspiracy, and assaulting/injuring a peace officer while serving time in a correctional facility.

  • Fabian Florence Perez, 30, from Indio, CA.
  • Joseph Roy Scott, 25, from Indio, CA.
  • Louie Aguilar, 33, from Blythe, CA.
  • David Gazcon Jr., 34, from Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Construction of the Blythe Jail was completed in 1964. An addition was completed in 2000. It currently has the capacity to hold 115 inmates.

This is an active investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Investigator Morelock at (760) 921-7900.


Source: Sheriff-Coroner Riverside County

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