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Sheriff McMahon Addresses Social Media Rumors

SAN BERNARDINO-( San Bernardino city and residents of surrounding communities are on edge after the seemingly random San Bernardino Inland Regional Center shooting Wednesday morning. Many wonder if the intense fear of the unknown or what is still being investigated as a terrorist attack is causing fear mongering on social media. Those living in close proximity to San Bernardino are expecting the worst in situations when many times the fear is caused by normal police presence.

Sheriff McMahon said in a Friday afternoon statement, “We are aware of the rumors on social media claiming to have come from law enforcement advising the public to stay away from movie theaters, malls, etc. due to threats. These messages are unsubstantiated claims of additional threats against our community. Citizens should be wary of possible hoax messages and follow verified law enforcement social media accounts and press releases. Our primary responsibility is to make sure our communities are safe and we are committed to continue to ensure that.”

McMahon asked that the community remains vigilant and reports any suspicious activity.  Anything suspicious in nature can be called in to 1(800) 225-5324 option 4 to report any tips to the FBI.

Verified Law Enforcement accounts are as follows:






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