Senior Living Home Under Investigation Following Unfit Living Condition Allegations

HESPERIA:( Code enforcement officials are investigating a Hesperia senior living home after many tenants came forward in claiming unfit living conditions.

Residents who live at Hesperia Senior Retirement Resort are accusing the facility of having unfit living conditions for seniors. There have been allegations of black mold, unsafe sidewalks, crime, electrical hazards, safety concerns, and faulty roofing.

“The apartment across the way roof had collapsed, and one other apartment can see the sun through the roof,” says Harlan Paulson, a retired performer who lives in the apartments. “The sidewalks are terrible for seniors. There are also 5 feet holes everywhere. I fell right off a sidewalk ledge that was never filled”.

The apartments paint a scene of less than undesirable living conditions and never-ending unfinished projects that maintenance never fulfilled.

“There are wires everywhere and dumpsters filled so high people cannot dump their trash. We wait, we wait, and we wait. Most of the time if something never gets fixed we just have to fix it ourselves,” says a woman whose mother lives in the homes and asked to remain anonymous out of fear of possible retaliation.

“We have a whole wall without electricity and neighbors have claimed to have no electricity at all for long periods of time.” I can smell burning wires sometimes and management tells I’m imagining it,” says Poulson.

On top of the hazards of electrical issues, there are other safety concerns such as broken doors and locks and blocked exits.

“A family was locked in next door for two days because the locks jammed on the door!” says Loretta, another tenant. “There is only one way in and out of the complex possibly being a hazard to the people trying to come in and out. All other exits are kept locked,” said her daughter.

The complex has been newly converted into a senior living home from once being a section 8 option for low-income families. Most of the community are seniors, but some families have stayed behind due to leasing issues, creating an odd mix of people for a senior living home.

“We are working really hard to fix this place up. We haven’t raised the rent in three years,” says Martha the apartments manager. “We have work orders to fix the roofs and sidewalks, these things take time. We are honestly doing the best we can.” Martha also claims that this is the first time she has heard of some of these allegations and no one bothered to tell her about the alleged roofing issues.

City Councilman Paul Russ says, “the owner has tried his hardest to clean up the place, it has taken years to even get to this point.”

Code enforcement has allegedly stopped a current solar panel project due to unsafe conditions and are currently investigating the high amount of complaints. “We will fix it.” Says Councilman P. Russ “ I stand by saying we will fix the situation, for everyone involved, the tenants,the owners,and the city.”

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