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A semi-truck driver was placed under arrest Friday evening on charges of drunk driving after plowing through several yards of a residential neighborhood, in Victorville.

Resident’s living along the 12200 block of Luna Road, between Cantina and US 395, were shocked to walk out of their homes after hearing and feeling what sounded like an earthquake, only to find a 53+ foot semi truck sitting on their front lawns.

What should have been a peaceful night at home quickly turned into what could have been a far worse ending.

“The whole house shook, I thought it was an earthquake so I immediately ran to the front room where my little girls were” stated a resident, ” I opened the front door and noticed a big rig barely missing my house… I’m just lucky it didn’t hit the front of my house where my kids were staying.”

When authorities arrived on scene they arrested a male driver of the semi for driving under the influence (DUI). The rate of speed, as well as the estimate of damages were not immediately known.

Residents in the area state they have made several request’s to install speed bumps on the busy street, most all those request have gone unanswered. A similar incident occurred just 6 months ago where a drunk driver totaled a car parked out front.

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