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Scam Alert- Men Selling Fake Entertainment systems

A scam alert is being issued to members of the Victor Valley. There have been reports of two men, driving an SUV described as being a gold Ford Expedition with plate # 6SZG057, and are being reported as soliciting faulty merchandise to the local community.

The two men have been spotted in crowded parking lots, usually close to a freeway, in which they will approach a person and solicit a home theater system. They explain to their victim that they work for a company who ships merchandise, and that the company has overstock, which they are responsible to sell. Victims who purchased the merchandise, later found it to not work and was unable to recover their costs.

“They showed me a magazine that displayed the merchandise for $300, so when they offered me $150, I took it.” States a recent victim. “I went back to the lot where they were, and they had left already.”

The men are described as being very aggressive salesman, and they have been seen wearing what appears to be a company badge around their neck.

If you have fallen victim of a crime like this, please let us know by commenting below.

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