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SBC Fire Dept to Hold Free CPR Class

SBC_FIRECPR saves lives and the San Bernardino County Fire Department wants the public to be trained to use this skill. For this reason, free CPR classes will be given by qualified instructors from the Training Division of the San Bernardino County Fire Department. The class will be a “hands only” style which is much simpler and much less intimidating to most people than the traditional CPR method.

The training will be held in the community of San Antonio Heights on January 4, 2014 at the Life Bible Church located at 2426 N. Euclid in San Antonio Heights. The classes will be taught in 30 minute sessions beginning at 10 am. There are plans to have four sessions and class size is limited to 30 people per session.

There is no cost and preference for registration will be given to the residents of San Antonio Heights and the Mt. Baldy area. All San Bernardino County residents may request a reservation as well. For more information email Captain Jerry Abshier at:

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