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Sbarro Pizza Abruptly Closes for Good

Tonight marked the end of a run for the Sbarro Pizza eatery located at the Mall of  Victor Valley.

Employees were informed as they began arriving to their shift this morning that today would be the last day of work. Other employees found out via social media that their place of employment was closing at the end of business day today.

The local closure came as a complete shock to all the employees of the local mall eatery who state they had no idea about the closures prior.

“We had the slightest clue this going to happen, I just purchased a new car last week, and today I am devastated with the news we received,” stated an employee.

The company made a jaw dropping announcement that 155 out of it’s 400 North American owned stores will close tonight affecting 1,400 employees nationwide.

According to an excerpt from an article in MyFoxLa.com published in 2011, “Standard & Poor’s cut Sbarro’s credit rating and said the company’s outlook was negative, saying that company’s “current capital structure is unsustainable and that it is unable to service its existing debt.”

Shortly after the 2011 financial run-in, the company managed to operate existing stores, as well as expand with the opening of new locations. Sadly the company was unable to sustain the improving momentum they witnessed in 2012, forcing the sudden announcement.

Victorville Sbarro
Employees finish their last 20 minutes of their final shift at the Sbarro pizza eatery in Victorville.

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