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San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Wishes Everyone A Safe and Fun Halloween

VICTORVILLE-( As little ghouls and goblins are making their final plans for Halloween night the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department wants to remind parents to keep the little ones safe.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department wants to remind you to add liberal amounts of glow in the dark paint or makeup to the child’s exposed skin or costume. They also recommend, if you can using bright-colored material for homemade costumes or adding reflective strips to all sides of the darker or store purchased costume.

Strobe-Flashing devices can also be added to costumes for additional safety and can provide visibility for up to half a mile. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials say that these are inexpensive and are available at most large discount or hardware stores. Training your child/children to wave flashlights toward distant oncoming traffic is recommended to help grab the attention of possibly distracted drivers.

As always, remind your little ones that although they are excited they need to look both ways before crossing and should be crossing in well-lit intersections. They should know to look for vehicles turning or backing up and be aware of what reverse lights indicate to prevent being hit from backing vehicles. Drivers are asked to pay special attention to people walking in the streets, drive slowly and drive with extra caution.

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