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San Bernardino County Firefighters and Deputy Give Two Local Children a Special Surprise

VICTORVILLE-( Acts of kindness are more widespread around the holiday season, with people seeking organizations to donate to or places to volunteer. When law enforcement takes the time to be part of such generous displays of kindness it makes the gift even more special to some of whom they served.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Deputy Gram delivered a holiday basket to
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Gram delivered a Thanksgiving basket to the Kendall residence.

Mary Kendall, the mother of a child that was nearly kidnapped at Liberty Park during a soccer game on October 13th experienced something that fascinated her. Not only did the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department quickly help identify and put the woman responsible behind bars, but a deputy involved in the case did something special.

“Deputy Gram personally came by and gave our family a Thanksgiving basket for the holidays,” said Kendall. The Kendall’s are forever grateful over the random act of kindness.

On Friday November 7th a house fire reported at 1:00 a.m. left a Phelan home uninhabitable and left a family with destroyed belongings. The house fire on the 3900 block of Sacramento Road is believed to have been started by a space heater in the room of 5-year-old Nathaniel Stocks. Coincidentally, just days before the fire Nathaniel visited Phelan Fire Station 10 on a school field trip where he learned what to do in the case of a fire.

San Bernardino County Deputies and firefighters bring holiday cheer to two children.( photo credit: SBCoFFLocal935)
San Bernardino County Deputies and firefighters bring holiday cheer to two children.( photo credit: SBCoFFLocal935)

When little Nathaniel woke up to the fire he sprung into action crawling low to the floor and down the hall to alert his grandmother. “He saved my mom’s life as well as his own and all the animals in the house,” said his mother, Brianna Renee Gilbert.

On Sunday, November 22nd the firefighters from Station 10 took Nathaniel shopping for new toys. San Bernardino County Fire officials said that they were honored to give back and replace 5-year-old Nathaniel’s stocks toys after his home burned.

Kendall wanted to share because she said that, law enforcement is always bashed for what they are doing wrong, but it’s never about what they’re doing right.

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