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San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Officials Warn Public of an Email Scam

HESPERIA-( High Desert residents have been targeted in an email scam coming from the email: the Hesperia Sheriff’s Official said. Authorities are asking for the public to help by spreading the word to help prevent others from being victimized by these scams.

Victims are receiving emails with the subject line reading, “YOUR FAMILY IS IN DANGER”. The email when opened states that  they have been tracking the person and their loved ones, they know where you live and know how to kill anyone without being caught. However, nobody has to die…all you have to do is send a specified amount of money to them, by the following means and then they list several ways to send the funds.

Recipients are warned not to reply or send money, this is a scam. The email is sent to incite fear causing the recipient to comply with their demands in order to protect their family. If you have questions or believe you are a victim of such a scam, please contact your local Sheriff’s Station.

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