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Safe Surrender of Baby Girl at Palmdale Fire Station

PALMDALE – ( A newborn baby girl, with a mother unable or unwilling to care for her will now have the chance to live her life in a home with loving parents. The baby girl was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Fire Station 136, located at 3650 Bolz Ranch Rd, Palmdale on October 25th. This is the 2nd safe surrender in Los Angeles County in only 2 weeks, which is a great sign that the word is spreading about the safe surrender program initiated in 2001.

This surrender makes 11 babies surrendered this year alone in Los Angeles County and 124 since the beginning of the program. The goal is to prevent abandonment or harm to babies that cannot be cared for by the mother. Each baby safely surrendered is a cause for celebration to most, especially after the discovery at the deceased baby girl found at the Hesperia recycling facility.  

It is important that the information continues to be spread and that mothers who are unable to care for their newborns can take them into any hospital or fire department within 3 days of birth handing them over to staff with no questions asked.

The baby will be placed in protective custody and will eventually be placed with a family approved for adoption. Birth parents are allowed at least 14 days of surrender of the baby to return for the baby.

For more information on the Safe Surrender Program, go to or for San Bernardino County

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