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UPDATE: Ninja Sushi reopens after roach infestation prompts closure

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. ( — A popular sushi restaurant in Apple Valley was forced to temporarily shut down after a county health inspector discovered an active cockroach infestation amongst other things.

According to the official report from San Bernardino County Environmental Health Services, the business was given a 71/C grade following a lengthy inspection on December 19, 2019.

Ninja Sushi was ordered to stop serving customers and to close its doors after the inspector Tirza Tetteh, observed an active German cockroach infestation beneath the water heater, Snapple unit, and located inside mechanical dishwasher machine. “The inspector observed all life cycle stages,” per the report.

Due to the major violation, the restaurant’s permit was suspended and the facility was closed.

Other issues noted were proper hot and cold holding temperatures. Per the report, the inspector observed precooked eel at 45F in a Snapple reach-in unit and the manager stated the eel was sliced at 11 am from a frozen state and immediately stored in the reach-in unit. The inspector later found the thermostat had an inaccurate reading.

The health department says potentially hazardous foods should be held at or below 41F or at above 13.

Another issue observed was mold-like build-up and appearance in soda nozzles that were actively in use.

According to the report, prior to this violation Ninja Sushi held an A score/grade.

The restaurant recently offered a promotion advertising All You Can Eat – Always Happy Hour – All Sushi & Rolls 50% Off.

Ninja Sushi is located at 15850 Apple Valley Road #116 in the Town of Apple Valley.

UPDATE – On 12/20 the health department revisited the restaurant and removed the mandatory Notice of Closure from the door. Per the manager, he will now be receiving pest control services twice a month. According to the inspection report, the “C” grade will remain posted. The findings included several dead cockroaches observed in the following areas: Three dead cockroaches under Snapple Unit. Several dead cockroaches throughout the bottom of the Deli/Meats/Produce reach-in refrigerator. Several dead cockroaches behind the two-door “True Refrigerator”.

The German cockroach is a small species of cockroach, typically about 1.1 to 1.6 cm long. In colour it varies from tan to almost black, and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the pronotum running anteroposteriorly from behind the head to the base of the wings. -Wikipedia

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