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Ready to get rid of your Christmas tree? Here’s what to do

VICTOR VALLEY, Calif. ( Now that the holidays are a thing of the past, it’s time to get rid of that dried out Christmas Tree.

Cities/towns in the Victor Valley are offering a free curbside service to their residents to help recycle your Christmas Tree.

Before placing your tree out at the curb it’s important to remember a few simple requirements:

  • Remove all stands, lights, ornaments and tinsel.
  • Cut Christmas trees in half if they are over six feet in length.
  • No flocked trees, artificial trees or plastic bags will be accepted.


ADELANTO – AVCO will collect your Christmas trees placed at the curb on your scheduled collection day beginning December 26th and will continue for approximately two weeks on your regular collection day. Trees longer than 6′ must be cut in half. Please remove ornaments, tinsel, and stands before placing at curbside.


APPLE VALLEY – Apple Valley residents can simply put their tree by the curb and AVCO Disposal will pick up Christmas trees until January 7 on regular trash service days.

The clean trees will be collected for grinding and composting. This practice conserves landfill space and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Please note that flocked trees cannot be composted, so they will be disposed of as trash. Questions may be directed to AVCO Disposal at (760) 245-8607.


HESPERIA – This seasonal program is a benefit to all the residents of Hesperia that celebrate Christmas with a live tree. Following December 25, of the applicable calendar year and continuing for a four (4) week period, Advance Disposal will pick up your Christmas tree at your curb on your trash collection day for no additional cost.

Another option for Christmas tree recycling is for residents to take their Christmas trees directly to Advance Disposal during the four-week period and place the trees in the roll off bin marked Christmas Trees Only. All tree recycling requirements must be followed.

Note: Trees will be ground up and used for mulch. Plastic bags, tinsel, etc., are contaminants in mulch and make the finished product unusable.


VICTORVILLE – The City of Victorville is offering residents curbside Christmas tree pickup from January 2—January 13, 2017 – on your scheduled service day.

If you miss curbside pickup, residents of single-family homes can call Victorville Disposal Company at 760-245-8607 to schedule a FREE bulky item pickup of trees.

Note- If you want to drop off your tree—Residents can drop off natural, un-flocked trees for FREE at American Organics at 20055 Shay Road, Victorville, through January 31.
Hours: Mon. – Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For information, call American Organics at 760-246-7946.

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