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Razor blades and ammo found at playground of Baldy Mesa Elementary in Phelan

PHELAN, Calif. ( — Parents are feeling terrorized after a string of alarming events happened at Baldy Mesa Elementary School, including razor blades and ammo found today that canceled classes.

This morning, Baldy Mesa staff found ammunition and razor blades in our Baldy Mesa Elementary School playground. Snowline JUSD Police, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Snowline Administration were immediately notified and responded. At this point students were already arriving to campus. As students arrived we quickly secured students into our Multi-Purpose Room and notified parents of the incident, school officials said in a press release.

Parents were encouraged to keep their students at home or to pick up their students if they had already dropped them off.

School officials are working with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as they lead the investigation.

Last Monday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Snowline JUSD Police investigated another threat on campus.

“Snowline JUSD Police Department responded to a threat to Baldy Mesa Elementary School today… A knife was found on campus early this morning before students arrived by one of our amazing campus monitor staff. A threatening letter was taped to the blade of the knife, not specifically naming anyone in the threat,” the district said in a Facebook post.

Parents were notified by school officials that no students were in danger, the evidence was given to police, and that they were actively reviewing video footage.

Then again, the following day, they had another incident they investigated.

“On May 14, 2019, school staff at Baldy Mesa Elementary School were notified of pistol ammunition located on Bonanza Road in front of the school. A school police officer responded and recovered live pistol rounds,” school officials said in a news release.

“Upon examination, the ammunition was found to be degraded, corroded, and probably manufactured between 1940 and 1946. The age of the ammunition, along with its position on the road, indicates that someone driving eastbound Bonanza Road approaching Baldy Mesa Road discarded the ammunition by throwing it out of the window of a vehicle. There is no known connection to the incident of the previous day,” the post said.

“My 7 and 6-year-old go to this school and they are scared. Please help, we as parents and our kids are being terrorized, this is the second time in two weeks, my wife and I are panicking,” a concerned parent told Victor Valley News.

“I had to talk to them about school shootings and the young Castillo boy who died saving his school friends. I had to explain how some people do evil things, and they have to prepared. I hope by spreading this, the community will be more observant.”

Another parent Amber Glazier said, “They’re investigating, but I see no police, no one combing the surrounding areas. Literally, nothing. Tomorrow it will be back to normal yet I don’t feel we are being given adequate updates on said investigation. What’s being investigated? We never even got told what the threat on the knife said. We keep chalking this occurrences up to “non threats” but leaving a knife, razor blades, and ammo seems pretty threatening to me.”

Snowline Joint Unified School District said they increased presence throughout the campus following the initial incidents.

“We would like to thank all of the Baldy Mesa Staff and parents for their cooperation this morning. The investigation is ongoing and we will
update our community as we are provided with information,” the shool said.

About Snowline Joint Unified School District- Snowline JUSD reaches the Southern California communities of Wrightwood, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Baldy Mesa, Oak Hills, West Cajon Valley and portions of Victorville. Address: 10376 Baldy Mesa Rd, Phelan, CA 92371

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