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“Ray Andres” social media threat determined to be a hoax



VICTORVILLE, Calif. — On Wednesday night, a post began circulating on social media throughout the country, making a threat of violence. In the post, “Ray Andres” threatens he will bring a gun to “SHS” but is no more specific than that.

The same post, using the name “Ray Andres” and the school “SHS,” has been posted on social media groups in several states, including Ohio, Oregon and California.

“Upon seeing the post, Silverado High School and other local schools that go by the initials SHS contacted law enforcement immediately. This threat does not appear to be credible, but Silverado has requested extra San Bernardino County Sheriff’s patrol units at the campus this morning as a precaution,” stated Public Information Officer Kris Reilly with VVUHSD.

Law enforcement agencies have aggressively investigating the source of the post. Many police departments across the U.S. have acknowledged the ‘Ray Andres’ threat and deemed it to be a hoax.

According to various news reports, it may have originated in Ohio.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office-Florida reminded it’s residents with the following update:

The Sheriff’s Office is asking that people not share this particular Facebook posting as it is being recirculated now from school to school. The posting is a confirmed hoax and we do not want this post to distract the public and especially our children from legitimate threats which may occur. We want to thank the student who came forward early this morning and informed their school resource deputy of the Facebook post. As always, please remember, If you see something, say something.



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