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Ramen Optics: Eyeglasses designed for Cup Noodles-Lovers



CALIFORNIA — The days of blowing and ‘un-patiently’ waiting for those noodles to cool down on the fork will soon be much easier with the help of a pair of Ramen Opticals!

That’s right, the company who makes the famous ‘Cup Noodles’ teamed up with Zenni Optical to specially design a pair of glasses you can wear while eating warm and steamy Cup Noodles.

The design, described as stylish and functional employ an integrated electric fan that diverts steam away from the Cup Noodles as you eat to prevent condensation from forming on your lenses and clouding-up your sight.

“I grew up wearing glasses and understand the steamed-up lens issue all too well,” said Brenton Gettmann, Nissin Cup Noodles Assistant Brand Manager. “When I joined Nissin, I heard how pervasive this problem still is among Cup Noodles-lovers and felt compelled to do something about it. We worked tirelessly with the optical engineers and industrial designers at Zenni’s state-of-the-art Rx Labs and manufacturing facility to ensure everyone, including glasses-wearing instant ramen noodle lovers, can enjoy their Cup Noodles-eating experience.”

“We could have stopped with the sleek fan,” added Sean Pate, Zenni’s Public Relations Director. “But our engineers took it one step further by integrating a detachable fork on the other arm of the frames—so Cup Noodles-loving eyeglass wearers are always prepared, no matter where or when hunger strikes.”

During development of the prototype, the two companies also worked with celebrity gamer and Cup Noodles fan Joshua Ovenshire to help refine the design and functionality of the glasses.

“Steamed lenses have long plagued glasses-wearing gamers trying to enjoy Cup Noodles while gaming,” said Ovenshire. “It was an honor working with these two innovative companies to finally bring relief—and style—to optically challenged Cup Noodles-loving gamers like myself.”

Check out more images and info on the rollout of the revolutionary Ramen Opticals here.


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