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Public Works Launches an Interactive Maps Website

The San Bernardino County Department of Public Works has launched a website of various interactive maps for the public to view current information about where county roads, flood control and solid waste facilities are located.

The maps include Transportation Road Yards, the County Maintained Road System, Temporary Road Closures, Waste Disposal Site Locations, Flood Control Facilities, Flood Control Right-of-Way and Capital Improvement Project locations.

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An additional map shows county residents what roads receive snow removal services from the Department of Public Works or County Special Districts Department. The snow removal website allows users to click on a road and receive detailed information about which county department to contact for snow removal.

The website address is https://sbcountydpw.maps.arcgis.com.  Ninety percent of Public Works activities are within the county.

Other features of the website include:

  • The locations of the Road Yards showing service boundaries with a link to road yard supervisors and phone numbers.
  • The County Maintained Road System feature allows residents to easily locate which roads are maintained by the Public Works and allows the public to search by street address to find out if they live along a road that is maintained by Public Works.
  • The Temporary Road Closures map helps residents avoid areas where roads are closed for maintenance or problems.
  • Flood Control facilities and Flood Control right-of-ways are easily identifiable on their own unique interactive map.
  • The Waste Disposal map shows addresses, hours and days of operations to assist residents with accessing the landfills or transfer stations.
  • The Capital Improvement Project map provides an interactive tour of the current projects that are under construction.

All of the interactive maps have the ability to click on a geographic feature to bring up additional detailed information.

For further technical information please contact Ryan Hunsicker at rhunsicker@dpw.sbcounty.gov or (909) 387-8148. For general information about Public Works please call (909) 387-7910.


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