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Public Service Announcement – Holiday Safety


With the holiday shopping season upon us, Sheriff John McMahon and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind you to make safety a priority.

By taking a few extra precautions you can help ensure your holiday is a happy and safe one.


  •    Lock your vehicle and home.
  •    Ladies should carry their purses close to their body, making it more difficult for someone to grab.
  •    Situate your packages and locate your keys before you exit the store and make your way to your vehicle.
  •    Don’t allow yourself any unnecessary distractions such as talking on cell phones.  This will aid you in being aware of your
  •    Don’t leave packages in your vehicle in plain view. Place them in the trunk or cover them if possible.
  •    Remember to wear your seatbelt and lock your vehicle.  A locked vehicle while driving may hinder a would-be carjacker from
    entering your vehicle.
  •    Close curtains that might otherwise display presents sitting under your Christmas tree when you leave home.
  •    When returning from shopping, try not to display to everyone all the items you’re bringing home.  When possible, park in the
    garage and close the garage door before unloading your items.
  •    Teach family members to answer the door verbally, not by opening the door.  Sometimes a criminal is just checking to see if a
    residence is unoccupied.

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