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Private company soliciting Adelanto residents for water quality inspections

The City of Adelanto would not make personal visits to residents to test their water.

ADELANTO, Calif. — Adelanto residents have been receiving solicitations from private companies (or “a” company) wanting to test residents’ water quality.  Some residents have become confused, believing it is the City of Adelanto asking to conduct the test.

Alerted by several residents through the city’s Facebook page, the City of Adelanto reminds residents that the City of Adelanto does not visit homeowners and ask to test their water.

Recently, Adelanto homeowners have been contacted by independent companies with offers to test the tap water in their home for free.

“These are typically part of a sales promotion, interested only in selling you a water softener or treatment device, whether you need it or not,” said Ray Cordero, Water Operations Superintendent. “Every year the City of Adelanto is required to prepare and make public a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) which serves as a report card on the quality of water in Adelanto,” Cordero added.

A CCR is completed for the previous year by July 1st of the following year. The most recent CCR is available on the city’s website by clicking here.

Cordero added that the water is tested by third-party laboratories and shows that the water meets or exceeds EPA & State standards.

According to Cordero, in-home testing does not provide the specific, in-depth analysis that is required to determine if the water needs treatment and what kind of system is suited to the customer’s needs. For example, in-home water tests often only check for acidity/alkalinity, water hardness, iron, manganese, and color, but none of these are harmful.

Adelanto is urging residents to avoid dealing with salespersons who tell you strictly on the basis of their in-home testing that your drinking water is polluted, contaminated, or bad for your family’s health.

To learn about the quality of your water, compare the quality of Adelanto’s water (CCR) to standards available from your state government and the EPA by visiting:

(City of Adelanto news release)

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