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Powerball Jackpot Swells to $900 Million

CALIFORNIA-(VVNG.com):  What would you do with $900 million dollars?  The ideas are endless, but you have to play to win and have to be the lucky one in 300 million.  

The Wednesday evening, over $500 million Powerball drawing came and went with no winners. The jackpot for Saturday evening is expected to reach an astonishing $900 million dollars or more.

The only way the winner will be receive the $900 million before taxes is if they are willing to accept 30 yearly payments. Do you have 30 years left of life?  For some,the 30 yearly payments might be a gamble in itself.  Those requesting the lump sum will get just over 60 percent of the advertised amount, which in this case will still be $558 million!

The government will get 25% and depending on the state, they too will be celebrating with their own cut of your winnings.

Although the chances of winning are unbelievably slim, people are lining up to purchase their ticket or tickets. Winners will be drawn on Saturday, January 9th at 7:59 p.m. Will you win?

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