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Porch bandits on the loose in Hesperia

HESPERIA, Calif. ( — Two Hesperia homeowners who recently became the victims of package theft are warning the community about a couple of brazen porch bandits.

John Lucas said it happened to him during broad daylight on February 20, 2018, near the area of Main and Sultana Streets in Hesperia.

At about 12:16 p.m., John’s surveillance cameras captured an unknown adult male wearing a black t-shirt with a gray long sleeve underneath, and black pants walking up his driveway and eventually to his front porch where he stole John’s packages. According to John, the thief made off with a package containing nearly $800 in merchandise purchased for an upcoming vacation.

John believes the thief noticed his cameras and left in a direction where he avoided being seen leaving.

Victor Valley News Group member Priscilla Fonseca also reported she was a victim of package-theft on February 21st. Her surveillance cameras were rolling and captured the incident on video.

Woman captured on surveillance camera walking towards the front door of a home where she allegedly stole a package.

In Priscilla’s 13-second-clip, a woman wearing a gray sweater and black pants is seen exiting from the passenger side of a gray 90’s model Jeep Grand Cherokee. The woman nonchalantly make’s her way up the driveway and towards the package as the wind blows her long hair across her face, masking her identity. “Hope you can comb your hair with the beard comb I got the hubby,” stated Fonseca as she shared surveillance video of the theft.

In this case both John and Priscilla reported the same Jeep Grand Cherokee as possibly being involved with the crime.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Deputy M. Brosowske with the Hesperia Sheriff’s Station at (760)947-1500 and reference case # 191801509.

Jeep Grand Cherokee captured by a different camera near the scene of the theft.

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