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Police Officer’s Small Gesture Noticed and Appreciated

HESPERIA:( It is all too often when people share negative stories or video footage that place a stigma on the hundreds of thousands of United States police officers. The huge majority of these officers go toward danger on a daily basis to protect the people and their properties in communities they serve. On average 150 police officers die while on duty leaving behind the families they love to protect and serve.

On Saturday July 12th, on Main Street and Cataba Road in Hesperia, a Victor Valley resident quickly reached for her phone to snap a picture of something that not only caught her attention but also touched her heart. “The lady crossing the street was only half way through the intersection when the light turned green and people started to just go. The officer put his lights on, stopped in the road, and got out to help her,” said Jennifer Golden Wilcox.

The photo showed the police officer walking the woman across the street to safety.

We feel that good officers are not being appreciated due to the actions of a couple bad ones,” added Wilcox. The little things that usually go unnoticed were in this case, noticed, shared  and appreciated.

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