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Police Investigating Possible Shooting at Victorville Dealer Ship

VICTORVILLE, CA:(– Authorities are actively investigating a report of a gunshot fired at the Mitsubishi dealership on in Victorville.

At about 9:53 a.m. on Monday, October 17th an employee at the Mitsubishi Dealership located at 15529 Ramona Avenue called dispatch to report the incident.

“He and another employee heard a loud bang, like a gunshot, and upon looking around the shop area of the location, he found a bullet on the floor in the middle of the shop,” stated Sheriff’s spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez, the bay doors were open in the shop and it appeared that was the entrance point of the bullet.

Deputies investigating the call inspected the bullet which did not appear to have hit anything. The inside of the shop was also checked and no evidence was found of the bullet hitting anything in the shop.

Deputies spoke to other people in the area at the time and were unable to find anyone that heard a gunshot or saw anything suspicious.

Rodriguez said, “video surveillance from the business will be reviewed for anything that may be helpful in the investigation. There were no reports of injuries or damage.”

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