Pilot Fire: Important Message Regarding Community Donations

Victorville, Calif: August 9, 2016 – Communities affected by the Pilot Fire are eager to show their appreciation and support for the hard-working men and women fighting this fire. Residents and businesses have offered donations of supplies, water and food to firefighters in the field and at the Incident Command Post.

The Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team 3 (SCIMT3) and all of the participating agencies are grateful for the offers and the heartfelt sentiment behind them. An incident of this size brings with it the organizational support to guarantee firefighters and support staff receive everything necessary to sustain the fire fight.

It is with the deepest gratitude for the offered contributions, SCIMT3 asks the community to consider other local organizations and causes that may have a need for donations or assistance as a result of the fire. In the coming days these organizations will become more evident as they assist those directly impacted by the Fire. This fire has once again demonstrated how generous the residents of San Bernardino County truly are.

SCIMT3 Incident Commander Mike Wakoski appreciates the high level of support and understanding from impacted residents and community members.

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