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Phelan Sheriff’s Posse Receives New Vehicle



PHELAN, Calif. On Friday, April 28, 2017, the Phelan Sheriff’s Posse received a new vehicle to assist them in performing their function as a search and rescue team.

The Phelan Posse, which was formerly the Phelan Equestrian Patrol Unit, worked hard together as a team to gain their certification in 2016 as a search and rescue unit to better serve their community, the county of San Bernardino and any other areas where a mutual aid is requested.

The Phelan Posse Unit is comprised of horse owners who train monthly and are required to complete a yearly Horse and Rider Minimum Standards (HARMS) evaluation to make sure they have full control of their horse and that the horse and rider are capable of enduring the rough conditions they may encounter during a search. Members also search on foot and assist at the command post during a search, with a variety of duties.

Eventually, members of this unit will be trained to search on Off Highway Vehicles (OHV). The Phelan Posse Unit was instrumental in animal evacuations during the Blue Cut Fires.

Anyone interested in joining the Phelan Posse is asked to contact Staci Parks at the Victor Valley Station, 760-552-6845 or you may call the Phelan Station at 760-868-1006 and ask to leave a message for the Phelan Posse Commander, Dan MacDonald.

(photo courtesy of Victor Valley Sheriffs Station)

(photo courtesy of Victor Valley Sheriffs Station)