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Paying it Forward Spreading Through the Barstow Community

( Barstow residents have been proud to report pleasant experiences happening all around their community in the past few days. There have been many kind gestures, also described as Random Acts of Kindness that have uplifted the spirits of their small community. Several residents have shared experiences that just made them smile on the Facebook group, Barstow Good News Express as well as on Victor Valley News.

Some people have reported toys being left for someone who might have a child in need of them, and positive left in local parks, and shopping centers. Residents have also been excited to find these hidden treasures including detergent, fabric softeners along with quarters left in laundromats. Bright signs scatter the small town with nice messages brightening up the days of so many with this small act that is meaning so much to the community.

“No one knows who is doing this but it had spread like wildfire and Barstow is in a rather happy state from all of this. Several people are taking note and paying it forward as they find these little random acts of kindness,” reported Victor Valley News member by the name of Crystal.

Residents are very appreciative of these gesture of love and care for humanity. “Whoever is responsible for these random acts of kindness…hugs!! I love it!” said Barstow Good News member Sandy Wilson. This goes to show, even the smallest acts of kindness make the biggest difference when our neighbors are just going about their lives and are surprised with them.

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