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Palmdale Deputies Salute the Medical Staff of Palmdale Regional in Show of Appreciation

PALMDALE, Calif. — At 7:30 P.M. this evening, just as the sun was setting, Palmdale Station deputies wanted to show a quick salute of appreciation to the doctors, nurses and medical staff at Palmdale Regional Medical Center.  

This was the brainchild of Deputy Murray, who wanted to do the quick gesture.  Deputies lined up with their light bars on and all the emergency room staff got to come out and briefly enjoy the expression of appreciation.

We extended the invite, and LA Co Fire Engines and CHP officers came out in full support!

According to the units, the nurses and doctors loved it, some were in tears.  

#FlattentheCurve #Covid19 #StayHome #SocialDistancing

(Picture courtesy of Sergeant Elsee)

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