Over a Dozen Vehicles Damaged on Cajon Pass Due to Debris

(Photo by: Conan Brunt)
(Photo by: Conan Brunt)

CAJON PASS -(VVNG.com): At approximately 7:43 a.m., on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 dispatch received multiple calls stating that approximately 20 vehicles were on the right side shoulder near the 15 Southbound and 215 interchange.

The vehicles, mostly had tire damage, due to hitting at least one of two large piece of metal debris that was in the lanes of traffic. The large piece of metal fell from a tractor-trailer causing 17 vehicles and three semis to run over the large piece of debris and sustain flat tires.

“It was a big chunk of metal I hit it, damaged one of my tires beyond repair,” commented Victor Valley News Group member Conan Brunt.

According to California Highway Patrol Logs (CHP) logs, a green big rig with a flatbed trailer loaded with metal similar to that in the roadway was stopped on the freeway shoulder retying their load. Traffic was closed at the Kenwood Avenue to Southbound 15 freeway. “As far as what CHP will do a claim on depends on the actual circumstances. Often times people opt to call their insurance for coverage,” said CHP Spokesman, Brian Alvarez.

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