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50 Pets Seized in Victorville Hoarding Case

VICTORVILLE:( On Tuesday, June 30, 2015 the City of Victorville Animal Care & Control Officers resolved a hoarding case in Victorville involving 44 dogs and 6 cats.

The initial report came from an anonymous caller, prompting the Victorville Animal Care & Control Division to seize the dogs and cats from an undisclosed residence in Victorville.

Victorville Municipal Code 7.04.065 Dog Limitations, states no more than three dogs or cats can be maintained upon a single residential property.

City of Victorville Director of Community Services, Christian Guntert stated, “Unfortunately, in most cases, a person who collects a large number of animals is not able to provide the minimal standard of care. This includes food, shelter, and proper veterinary care.”

The animals from today’s seizure will be transported to the Victor Valley Animal Protective League located on Zuni Road in Apple Valley. People interested in adopting any of these animals can contact VVAPL at (760) 247-2102.

Each year, City of Victorville Animal Control Officers handle between 7,000 and 8,000 calls ranging from relatively minor code violations to felony animal cruelty cases.

Animal Control Officers are authorized to investigate possible animal related law violations and take appropriate enforcement action. In some cases animal control officers may promote voluntary compliance by educating owners about their animal care responsibilities; other situations, such as this one, may warrant administrative action and/or civil and criminal prosecution.

If you are aware of a situation that you believe may harm or jeopardize animal welfare (such as animal abuse, neglect, injury or endangerment) or public health or safety (such as a bite, attack or harassment of a person by and animal) or that may otherwise be in violation of an animal related law, we urge you to contact our office and report what you have seen or heard. A dispatcher will take a report and forward the information to an Animal Control Officer for investigation.

For more information, or to contact the City of Victorville Animal Care and Control, call (760) 955-5089.

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