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Woman Sentenced for Fatal DUI Crash

( Ontario resident, Raelene Marie Martinez, 21, was sentenced in a hearing today to 6 years in state prison. The charges stemmed from an April 2013 car crash in Pomona that left a female passenger dead, three injured and Martinez taken to the hospital for injuries then subsequently arrested. (KTLA News had previously reported the deceased female was pregnant at the time of the accident. Family has confirmed that information not to be correct.)

At the time of the 1:30 a.m., rollover accident on North San Antonio Avenue Martinez was intoxicated. Deputy District Attorney Sandra Jimenez, who prosecuted the case said that on April 7, 2013, Martinez, who was 20 years old at the time was drinking alcohol at a Pomona party when an altercation ensued. The defendant decided to leave getting into the driver’s seat, while four other passengers got into the car with her. During the drive, Martinez began to fight with the front passenger because she believed the person was involved with the fighting at the party. Martinez took her hands off the wheel and began to hit the passenger. The black Toyota Camry, lost control causing it to hit the curb, hit two other vehicles and then flip over. Sarena Vargas, 19, was ejected from the car and died at the scene. The other passengers suffered bruising and/or fractures.

The woman pleaded no contest on August 25th to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury, driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol causing injury and driving with blood alcohol .05 percent. The defendant also admitted to a special allegation of personally inflicting great bodily injury in the commission of the crime.

In addition to her 6 year sentence, Martinez was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $5,000 to the victims compensation board, and $2800 to the victim’s family. The case was investigated by the Pomona Police Department.

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