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One Stop Construction Permit Application Center

San Bernardino SAN BERNARDINO – On Monday, January 6, 2014 the San Bernardino County Fire Department, in conjunction with San Bernardino County Land Use Services, will begin providing customers in the unincorporated valley areas of San Bernardino County as well as the mountain communities (with the exception of Arrowbear, Running Springs, Big Bear & Wrightwood) with a “One-Stop Shop” location to submit their construction-related applications.

The One-Stop Shop will allow customers to go to a single location, the County Government Center located at 385 North Arrowhead Ave. in San Bernardino, to submit their construction applications. This will allow those customers to interact with both County Fire and Land Use Service staff at a single location, streamlining the application process and minimizing any confusion or delays that multiple application submittal locations may have created in the past.

SBC_FIREA front counter technician with the Office of the Fire Marshal will be assigned to the Government Center to assist with the application submittal process. All questions can be directed to (909) 386-8400.

Effective January 6th, construction applications will no longer be accepted at the Office of the Fire Marshallocation on “E” St. in San Bernardino. All applications need to be submitted at the new One-Stop Shop located at the County Government Center.

Customers with construction applications for projects within the City of Grand Terrace will also be able to submit their applications at the One Stop Shop; however, they will still be required to interact with Grand Terrace’s Planning and Building & Safety staff at their current location.

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