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Obituary: Remembering Anedina Marie Trujillo, 33, of Victorville

The Trujillo Family is mourning the loss of their beloved sibling Anedina Trujillo. 

Anedina Marie Trujillo passed away peacefully at home on 12/20/19 at the age of 33.

The following statement was written by the second oldest of the four sisters, Christina Trujillo:

Family and friends have lost a truly special person who always brought a smile to their faces and warmth to their souls. She was taken too soon. Anedina Trujillo was such a blessing to all of us.

She leaves behind her son Xavier Pena, he was her life. Also her twin and her other half Angelina Trujillo and her niece Jasmine Foster and nephew Roman Trujillo. Her parents Lupe and Filiberto Trujillo and siblings Evelina, Senoriena, Christina, Gabriel Trujillo.

She was a very important link in our chain as my cousin Jose said. The kids called her Nindala and she was their angel. She loved the Lord and she loved all of us. I know she didn’t want to leave but she seen his glory she watching over all of us.

This was very hard to write and anything will help. Most of all prayers for healing which is worth more than any money. Thank you all and God bless you. Love one another and be kind to one another that’s what she would tell me whenever I was acting up.

Praise God and may he be with all of us at this time.

Verified link to help the Trujillo family with donations: Helping lay Anedina Trujillo to rest

Anedina loved to sing and praise the lord. Her mom Lupe Trujillo shared a special video showing Anedina singing for her at a restaurant.

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