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Obernolte Bill Will Make Targeting Police Officers a Hate Crime



SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) has introduced a bill to protect peace officers and their immediate family under the California hate crime statute.

This legislation, Assembly Bill 2, would permit additional criminal penalties if a crime specifically targets a victim as a peace officer. Conviction of a hate crime can result in an additional one to three years in state prison being added to an offender’s sentence.

“Violence targeted specifically against public safety officers is a hate crime and should be treated as such,” said Assemblyman Obernolte. “Our police officers put their lives on the line every day and it’s deeply disturbing when they are intentionally targeted because of their profession. Given the outbreak of the recent attacks against police officers, this law is necessary to send a message to these criminals that their reprehensible behavior will not be tolerated.”