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Not All Veterans Wear a Uniform

“The Unknown Vets”

An unknown person left a hand written note on a Starbucks napkin.  Jennifer Reed a member of our Facebook newsgroup VVNG (Victor Valley News Group), stopped into the Starbucks located on Roy Rogers dr. in Victorville on Veterans Day Monday, November 11, 2013.

Jennifer explained, “I ordered, was waiting for my coffee with my kids, slightly distracted. We sat at the closest table near the pick up counter and my daughter started messing with a napkin. I asked what it was and she handed it over to me. I guess the gentlemen or woman left it for people to see. I felt compelled to share it with VVNG.”

Whoever this “unknown” person is, the Victor Valley community & beyond would like to let you know YOU are not judged but instead very much appreciated. Thank you for fighting for our freedom. We owe you gratitude far beyond we can explain. To you and all other Veterans we wish you a happy Veterans Day.

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Photo: Jennifer Reed via VVNG

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