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NOAA Predicts Winter Rainfall May Relieve Some Drought Conditions

CALIFORNIA– (  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Thursday, October 15th that the forecasters at the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued the U.S. Winter Outlook today. This forecast favors lower temperatures and higher precipitation for winter 2015 through spring 2016. The NOAA said that the  El Niño conditions will be most prevalent in the West and across the Northern Tier. Cold-air outbreaks as well as snowstorms are expected to occur this winter.

The NOAA is predicting wetter-than average conditions for Central and Southern California and dryer than average conditions in those more accustomed to the downpours like the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. In the predictions the California droughts, which have been a major concern to Californian’s is expected to improve, but not be gone by the end of January.

In the NOAA report, they said that more relief to the drought is expected for the months of February and March with possible drought removal for parts of the Southwest. Researchers said that although the entire drought will likely not be fully relieved by this rainfall, there will be some relief. California would need about twice the average rainfall to get out of the drought, which researchers say is unlikely.

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