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No Powerball Jackpot Winner; Jackpot Now at Least $1.3 Billion!



No powerball winners, jackpot worth over $1 billion!

CALIFORNIA-(  Those wishing to be financially carefree put their money on winning the huge $900 million Powerball jackpot for January 9, 2016. Early on, California Lottery Officials said that there are no jackpot winners in the state, although there were six $1 million dollar winners who chose 5 out of the six winning numbers.

Lottery officials are now saying that there are no winners in any of the states where Powerball is played and now, the jackpot will reach an astonishing $1,300,000,000!  You can choose to receive the full amount divided in 30 payments or you can take the cash value of $806,000,000. The winning numbers will be chosen on Wednesday, January 13th at 7:59 p.m. PST.

Will you be purchasing tickets?  What would you do with over a billion dollars?  Would you take the 30 payments or cash value?

No winners, new jackpot AT LEAST $1.3 billion

No winners, new jackpot AT LEAST $1.3 billion


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