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Neighbors Dedicate Memorial Day Weekend to Help Disabled Veteran

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. ( A disabled Vietnam Veteran and his wife are incredibly grateful for their neighbors who gave up a long weekend to lend a helping hand.

Irene, 68, and her husband David Joseph, 70, are residents of Apple Valley and have been happily married for over 20 years.

David courageously served in the Vietnam war during the late 60’s.

“My neighbor Kerry was given some landscaping rock by Coach Pat. Kerry didn’t need it so she asked if we could use it,” said Irene. “We said yes but weren’t sure how we would move it since we are elderly and my husband is disabled.”

On the morning of Saturday, May 27th Coach Pat, as Irene calls him, rallied a couple of volunteers from the baseball team he coaches at Silverado High School and loaded a trailer with 3 tons of landscaping rock.

Coach Pat, Kerry, Jamie, Travis, and Isaiah showed up at the couple’s home and unloaded the rock in the driveway.

Together they’ve worked for nearly 48 hours moving the rocks and helping to beautify the couple’s yard free of charge.

Irene and David left their home Sunday afternoon to visit their grandchildren. The crew stayed there still working. “We left them an ice chest full of assorted drinks,” stated Irene.

The couple is extremely grateful for them giving up their long weekend to help a disabled vet.

“They went above and beyond. This was a lot of hard labor and muscle, and we’re very thankful and appreciative for their help,” said Irene.

Irene stated that it’s the small little things that people do and they don’t often realize how big of a difference it makes in some people’s lives.


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