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‘Name the Bald Eagles Chicks’ contest

BIG BEAR, Calif. — On March 6 the world watched as Jackie, the female of Big Bear Valley’s only nesting bald eagle pair, laid her first egg of the season. Her second egg came on March 9.

After watching her and her mate, Shadow, take turns incubating the eggs for just over 5 weeks, we all had the thrill of watching those eggs hatch. The first egg pipped (the chick poked a hole through the shell) on Friday night. Then it took over a day for the chick to fully emerge on Sunday morning. The second chick hatched on Monday to be in full view by the afternoon. Both chicks look healthy and are taking bits of food from Jackie.

This nest is located on the San Bernardino National Forest near Fawnskin and has a live stream video camera, installed and operated by Friends of Big Bear Valley, that provides 24/7 worldwide viewing of this active bald eagle family.

Now these adorable chicks need names. So, Friends of Big Bear Valley is hosting a “Name the Bald Eagles Chicks” contest. Everyone is invited to submit their suggestions for names. Submissions will only be accepted through 12:00 noon Pacific time this Sunday, April 21. The small fee requested with name submissions goes to support the live stream camera system allowing us all to watch the nesting family. You can submit 1 name for $10, 2 names for $15, 5 names for $30 or 10 names for $50

To select the contest winners, we will randomly draw 25 submitted names. Then the third grade classes of Big Bear Valley will vote to select the two winning chick names. In the past, the 3rd graders have come up with the names, but this year we are including suggestions from the public so everyone can be included in the process. Prizes will be given for the 2 winning names and for the 25 drawn submissions. See our website for more details and to enter.

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