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Multiple Fights Near Adelanto High School Prompts Increased Police Presence

ADELANTO-( San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Victor Valley Station Spokeswoman, Pam Hoffman told Victor Valley News on Friday that there have been fights reported in the area near Adelanto High School during the week of Monday, January 25th through Friday, January 29th.

Deputy John Hayes, School Resource Officer at Adelanto High School said that as the students leave at the end of the day, those walking home tend to disperse in the area of Mojave drive and Aster road.

“This week we have had reports of a number of fights which have involved teenagers.  Some of these reported fights have been verified and some have been found to be students merely walking home in large groups.”

Those fights that deputies responded to and were verified involved Adelanto High School Students, Columbia Middle School Students and students from various area charter schools.

No serious injuries have been reported as a result of these fights and no weapons have been used. According to Deputy Hayes, there were unverified reports of witnesses seeing weapons.

In order to address these problems, the Sheriff’s department has increased police presence in the area. They are hoping that this will disrupt or prevent fights. “The Sheriff’s presence has resulted in three citations and a towed car,” said Deputy Hayes.

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