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Multiple Accidents Causing A Commuter Nightmare on Freeway

(photo contributed by Nick Powers via VVNG)

CAJON PASS:( The CHP has issued a Sig Alert on the southbound 15 freeway due to a multi vehicle traffic collision involving a motorcycle. The accident was reported at 8:52 a.m., on Thursday just south of the escape ramp and highway 138.

Per CHP incident logs, the #1 and #2 lanes are blocked. The duration of the Sig Alert is currently unknown and CHP is conducting traffic breaks due to the traffic backup.

If you are planning on heading down the hill from the Victor Valley commuter’s are reporting traffic is nearly at a complete standstill from the top of the Cajon Pass.

The exact cause of the collision is currently under investigation and injuries are unknown at this time. More details will be posted as they become available.

CHP has just received a report of a vehicle (possibly a Taxi) that blew a tire and went over the side of the freeway and landed in a ditch. The collision occurred on the southbound 15 freeway just north of Oak Hills. The accident was reported at 10:05 a.m., and is a non-injury accident.

Once you pass the traffic there’s only one lane open on the 215 freeway at Devore that is also causing traffic to back up on the 15 freeway. 

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The red dots indicate different incidents currently being handled by CHP. (photo: 10:20 am)
The red drop pins indicate different incidents currently being handled by CHP. (photo: 10:20 am)

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