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Mother Loses Children in Fire and New Baby to CPS

( The heart wrenching November 20th fire resulting in a San Bernardino family’s life being turned upside down for the mother of the family, only got worse after being told of the horrific incident. The fire, in the uninhabitable apartment home resulted in two young children dead and their father suffering life-threatening burns, while the San Bernardino mother Screenshot from 2014-11-22 10:20:35was in the hospital giving birth to her new baby girl.

The mother, Angel Leetch, lost not only her beautiful 6-year-old daughter Candra but also her 2-year-old son, Joey. The two children were found unresponsive in the home huddled together behind the sofa likely trapped in the home during the blaze.

As if thing’s couldn’t get any worse shortly after giving birth the newborn baby girl was taken into protective custody due to an investigation prompted by the fire and loss of the other two children.

Family of Angel Leetch and the mother of the young child is asking to see her, believing that she is still at Saint Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, where she gave birth to the baby girl. “We are not allowed to talk or see my sister-in-law or brother-in-law until the investigation is over, I believe she still in the hospital,” said sister-in-law, Ashley Murillo. The father of the family, Saul Leetch is believed to remain at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center on life support suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns to most of his body. Family say the man, when they were able to see him, was not identifiable with severe burns to his facial area.

According to the San Bernardino Police Department, the apartment located at 267 W. 14th Street in San Bernardino was being lived in illegally and that they had boarded up the home 10 days ago and have made the family leave several times. The family claims that the family had just paid rent and did not have the funds to relocate their family as fast as they were expected to. “The landlord was scamming them on all their money they paid on rent can’t believe there is so many cold-hearted people out there that want to hurt little kids like that,” said Murillo.

At this time family of the children’s mother are working on getting temporary custody of the newborn girl and continue to attempt to contact the mother in order to console the woman that they feel was a wonderful mother just trying to keep her children out of the cold. The mother’s sister is saying that they are welcome to stay with her while they get on their feet. The family is in need with help to bury the children, replace burned items and hire an attorney to help represent them in this matter to get their baby girl back and ideally the charges dropped. Murillo has set up an account on their behalf through Go fund me. The family is told that they might charge both the parents on murder charges for what the courts may see as negligence, but which many in the community may see as a result of poverty.

San Bernardino police are investigating to determine if the parents of the deceased children should face criminal charges.

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