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Mother and Boyfriend Charged After Brutal Beating of 22-Month-Old

PALMDALE:( Palmdale couple Rosie Lee Wilson, 21 and Brandon Jerel Williams, 24 were arrested on suspicion of Cruelty to a child and attempted murder. The arrests were made after the couple had reportedly told friends that the 22-month-old toddler boy, belonging to Wilson, had slipped and fell. The baby was said to have been sleeping for a long period of time, then his limbs became discolored forcing his mother to rush him to the hospital.

Facebook Image:  Rosie Wilson and 22 Month Old Critically Injured child.
Facebook Image: Rosie Wilson and 22 Month Old Critically Injured child.

Upon examination the hospital officials noticed other injuries consistent with abuse and confronted the couple.  According to reports, Williams then admitted to punching the baby and was arrested on August 22nd at 8:22 p.m., at Palmdale Regional Medical Center. Abuse of the 22-month-old boy’s three-year-old sister is also suspected and the child was taken into protective custody. The toddler boy is currently in critical condition and on life support. The child’s chances for survival are not good at this time.

Rosie Lee Wilson was arrested on August 23rd at 1:16 a.m. from a home on the 37000 block of 26th St E in Palmdale. The Los Angeles County Deputy District attorney, Theodore Swanson said Wilson and Williams both face one count each of assault on a child becoming comatose, torture and mayhem. Additionally, Williams faces one count of attempted murder and Wilson is charged with one count of child abuse. The boy suffered great bodily injury at the hands of Williams between June and August or 2014 according to the prosecutor.

Arraignment in case MA064056 was scheduled for late August 26th but was continued to September 9th in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Antelope Valley Branch. Bail for Williams was set at more than $2 million. Both Williams and Wilson face multiple life sentences if convicted of all charges.

The case is being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Palmdale Station.

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