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Mesa Linda Basketball Champ Returns to Alma Mater as Administrator

Rising to the Challenge

VICTORVILLE, Calif. — Not many schools in the high desert have an assistant principal who can hold a doctorate degree in one hand and dunk with the other.

The exception would be Mesa Linda Middle School.

After years of excelling in basketball, Assistant Principal Brice Scott received his EdD in math education this year from Cal State San Bernardino at only 27 years of age.

More than just a success in school and sports, Scott has also proven his mettle as an administrator at the junior high. Since he started in the 2017/18 school year, behavior has improved and suspensions have dropped dramatically.

“I knew Brice would be the perfect fit for Mesa Linda,” said Principal Alicia Tuttle. “He is a former Mesa student and is able to relate really well with our children. He brings a lot to the table and sets an incredibly positive example for our students.”

Observed in action, the tall, lanky assistant principal with a deep voice moved quickly from one student to another. Whether students or staff, he appeared unflappable. Being an administrator seemed natural.

But it wasn’t an easy road.

“I grew up in Adelanto,” he said. “We didn’t have a lot of money. My grandmother worked really hard. She inspired me.”

The difficult background just made him more determined. A love of learning and basketball also helped.

“I dunked for the first time in seventh grade at Mesa Linda,” he recalled. “We won championships in seventh and eighth grades. Then I played at Serrano High School. We were undefeated four years in a row.”

Basketball success earned him a position on Cal State San Bernardino’s team as point guard.

“I played for a year and a half but had to quit the team to take care of family,” Scott said.

He didn’t quit his education, though, going on to earn two degrees in math and two in education. Before coming to Mesa Linda, Scott taught high school math. Previously, he tutored students in the subject.

“I love my job,” he said. He also loves encouraging students.

“Stay focused,” he told a class recently. “Don’t let anything take you off that focus.”

Brice Scott, EdD, assistant principal at Mesa Linda Middle School, can dunk a basketball with one hand and hold a doctorate degree in the other. Since he came back to his alma mater, suspensions have dropped dramatically.

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